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Barnes says she screamed repeatedly, and in a way which “aroused the whole White House”⁠—though nobody came to see what was happening. This might give the impression that this was something that was happening six or seven times a day, since it didn’t cause any excitement. Barnes has been a private secretary long enough to work his imagination, probably, and that accounts for most of the screaming⁠—though the lady did some of it herself, as she concedes. The woman was dragged out of the White House. She says that in the course of dragging her along the roadway her clothes were soiled with mud and some of them stripped in rags from her back. A negro gathered up her ankles, and so relieved her from contact with the ground.

She was a loyal friend to all animals, and she loved them all, birds, beasts, and everything—even snakes—an inheritance from me. She knew all the birds; she was high up in that lore. She became a member of various humane societies when she was still a little girl—both here and abroad—and she remained an active member to the last. She founded two or three societies for the protection of animals, here and in Europe. I said I would never endure that horror again; that I would never again look into the grave of any one dear to me.

Mark Twain Day By Day

He also led a successful revival meeting in nearby Terre Haute. However, mounting debt led to Beecher again seeking a new position in 1847, and he accepted the invitation of businessman Henry Bowen to head a new Plymouth Congregational Church in Brooklyn, New York. The Beechers moved to the small, impoverished town of Lawrenceburg, Indiana, where Beecher had been offered a post as a minister of the First Presbyterian Church. He received his first national publicity when he became involved in the break between “New School” and “Old School” Presbyterianism, which were split over questions of original sin and the slavery issue; Henry’s father Lyman was a leading proponent of the New School.

  • But when I reached the station, five minutes late, the train was still there, a couple of friends were there also, and so I went.
  • The state legislature recessed, and telegrams of condolence were sent by national figures, including President Cleveland.
  • Chip began riding bicycles in the 1950s, and continues to do so into his 50s.
  • When they were finally all gone and the wine fragrance resumed business at the old stand, we welcomed it with effusion and have had no fault to find with it since.
  • He had no clothes on to speak of, but no matter, he was well enough fixed for an occasion like this, because he had a butcher knife in his hand.

Otherwise the girl would have been rung up, distress and all. I know women who would have gotten a No. 1 pleasure out of ringing Jane up—and so they would infallibly have pushed the button and obeyed the law of their make and training, which are the servants of their Interior Masters. It is quite likely that a part of your mother’s forbearance came from training. The good kind of training—whose best and highest function is to see to it that every time it confers a satisfaction upon its pupil a benefit shall fall at second hand upon others. I cannot help it, now that I have gotten started upon the degrading and exasperating quest.

Ohio University

He never said it to me, and I think that if he would have said it to anyone, I should have been the one. On election day we went to the polls and consummated our hellish design. Any spectator could see how a man was voting⁠—and straightway this crime was known to the whole community. This double crime⁠—in the eyes of the community. To withhold a vote from Blaine was bad enough, but to add to that iniquity by actually voting for the Democratic candidate was criminal to a degree for which there was no adequate language discoverable in the dictionary.

It was paid promptly, but it could not go far⁠—that is it could not go far enough. It did not fall short much⁠—in fact, only fifty thousand dollars, but where to get the fifty thousand dollars was a puzzle. They wrote to Mr.Henry W. Sage, of Ithaca, an old and warm friend and former business partner of Mr.Langdon, and begged him to come to Elmira and give them advice and help.

John E Edwards, Phd, Physics, Ohio State University

When not leading Road Scholar programs in her beautiful country, she loves to travel and pursue her hobby of scuba diving. We want every participant to have a safe, enjoyable and rewarding program experience. The travel and activities of Road Scholar programs require participants to be in good general health and capable of performing all program activities as described by the program description and its corresponding Activity Level.

  • Let us skip the other lies, for brevity’s sake.
  • Scientists have odious manners, except when you prop up their theory; then you can borrow money of them.
  • Reverend Doctor Parker was the first man to light.
  • It was just a friendly offhand note, on a card.
  • You will then labor for yourself directly and at first hand, not by the roundabout way through your mother.

I am not sure, but I think that those Lambtons got along without titles of nobility for eight or nine hundred years, then produced a great man, three-quarters of a century ago, and broke into the peerage. My mother knew all about the Clemenses of Virginia, and loved to aggrandize them to me, but she has long been dead. There has been no one to keep those details fresh in my memory, and they have grown dim. Susy’s remark about my strong language troubles me, and I must go back to it. All through the first ten years of my married life I kept a constant and discreet watch upon my tongue while in the house, and went outside and to a distance when circumstances were too much for me and I was obliged to seek relief. I prized my wife’s respect and approval above all the rest of the human race’s respect and approval.

Srdjan Nesic, Ph D, Chemical Engineering, University Of Saskatchewan, Russ Professor Of Chemical Engineering

The church was twilighted with yellow tallow candles in tin sconces hung against the walls. I was born the 30th of November, 1835, in the almost invisible village of Florida, Monroe County, Missouri. I suppose Florida had less than three hundred inhabitants.

I can use them with good effect as lighthouses and monuments along my way, but for real business I depend upon the common herd. The seeing man goes about his business confident and self-dependent. He does his share of the work of the world in mine, in quarry, in factory, in counting-room, asking of others no boon, save the opportunity to do a man’s part and to receive the laborer’s guerdon.

Roger Finlay, Ph D, Physics, Johns Hopkins University

The operation had simply disclosed the fact that nothing could be done for him. It came seldom, but when it broke upon the ear it was as inspiring as music. I heard it for the last time when she had been occupying her sick bed for more than a year, and I made a written note of it at the time⁠—a note not to be repeated. From that day forth, for a good while to come, Twichell’s life was a good deal of a burden to him.

Cemetery Travel Catagories

I was so hoping somebody would want to kiss me for my mother, but I didn’t dare to suggest it myself. Presently, however, when it happened, I did what I could to make it contagious, and succeeded. I seemed to take the old and the new as they came, without discrimination, but I averaged the percentage to my advantage, and without anybody’s suspecting, I think.

The Grant Dictations

This is not conjecture; it is the absolute. It is just as I say; there is much to be learned in these ways, without going to books. Books are very well, but books do not cover the whole domain of esthetic human culture. Pride of profession is one of the boniest bones in existence, if not the boniest.

Joseph Nightingale

I think a “Hermitage” scrap-up at eight in the evening, when all the famine-breeders have been there and laid in their mementoes and gone, is the quietest thing you can lay on your keelson except gravel. Then if you are lucky you will get seats in the last row and lodgings in the fringe of the town. There were plenty of people in Nuremberg when we passed through who had come on pilgrimage without first securing seats and lodgings. It is said the Fridolin , a new saint, but formerly a missionary, gave the mountain its gracious name. He was an Irishman, son of an Irish king—there were thirty thousand kings reigning in County Cork alone in his time, fifteen hundred years ago.

Edward Stone, Ph D, English, Duke University

In 1873, when Susy was fourteen months old, we arrived in Edinburgh from London, fleeing thither for rest and refuge, after experiencing what had been to us an entirely new kind of life⁠—six weeks of daily lunches, teas, and dinners away from home. We carried no letters of introduction; we hid ourselves away in Veitch’s family hotel in George Street and prepared to have a comfortable season all to ourselves. Straightway Mrs.Clemens needed a physician, and I stepped around to 23 Rutland Street to see if the author of Rab and His Friends was still a practicing physician. He came, and for six weeks thereafter we were together every day, either in his house or in our hotel.

Samuel Langhorne Clemens, 1835

Was praised by Eudora Welty and listed by NBA-Award-winning poet William Stafford as “one of the neglected books of the 20th century.” Matthews was the first at Ohio University to be named both Distinguished Professor and University Professor. Anthony Burgess wrote that his novel The Charisma Campaigns “already has the feel of an American classic.” Charisma also was nominated by Walker Percy for the NBA Fiction Award. Professor Vedder, who specializes in U.S. and European economic history, public finance, labor economics, and public policy analysis, came to Ohio University in 1965.

Across The Media We Are Told Fascism And Nazism Are On The Rise, But Do We Even Remember Their Original Horror?

With a pen in the hand the narrative stream is a canal; it moves slowly, smoothly, decorously, sleepily, it has no blemish except that it is all blemish. It is too literary, too prim, too nice; the gait and style and movement are not suited to narrative. That canal stream is always reflecting; it is its nature, it can’t help it. Its slick shiny surface is interested in everything it passes along the banks⁠—cows, foliage, flowers, everything. And so it wastes a lot of time in reflections.