Biking In Europe By Rick Steves

A digital camera can capture maps that you encounter, such as the tourist maps posted in many European towns or maps online. A picture of the latter is often quicker and cheaper than a printout, allowing you to carry along copies of sections of Google Maps or other online mapping tools. A long, straight bike path, part of Eurovelo 15, leads through the forest north of Karlsruhe, Germany .

Which city is known as city of cycles?

Once upon a time, Pune had the well-deserved sobriquet of ‘the City of Cycles’. Gradually, as cycles gave way to cars and two-wheelers, the city lost that status. Today, Pune ranks among cities with the highest density of vehicles — higher than Mumbai and Delhi — and second only to Chennai.

This figures into two factors – ease of cycling and attractiveness of the landscape. Unless you crave mountainous terrain, Holland is at or near the top of the list in both categories. Most of the other European countries have diverse regions, from mostly flat or rolling farming regions to mountain regions. Although mountains can be very dramatic to cycle through, the terrain means there are few roads – which puts you on the same roads as all the cars and trucks.

Tulip Tours

Travelling by boat allows you to unpack only once but still explore many towns and areas. What better time to go cycling in Holland when Dutch flowers are in bloom? On tulip tours by bicycle to the Netherlands, make the … Easter each year is a popular time for active travellers to visit Europe. We expect places on trips to Europe fill fast and advise … Hybrid bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, kids sized bikes, bikes with trailers, tandem bikes – so many awesome ways to explore Europe.

Has an Australian won the Tour de France?

In 2011, Orica-GreenEDGE was launched with financial support from Australian Gerry Ryan and made their debut at the 2013 Tour de France. Cadel Evans became Australia’s first and only winner of the Tour in 2011.

The low end of the scale was always in hostels , although a few of the hostels came out at the high end. As I said, it was always a variation on the same theme, with one or two exceptions in more expensive, large city hotels. When I toured in England and stayed mostly in B&B’s, we got a substantial British breakfast every day – coffee or tea, often juice, eggs , bangers , rashers , toast , grilled half-tomato, and often sauteed mushrooms. I kept waiting for kippered herring , but never lucked out. In the early planning stages, Dana saw a photograph of Innsbruck on a colleague’s desk, and announced that she wanted to go there.


Our human-powered trips minimise your impact on the environment, taking you out of main cities and contributing to a more even distribution of wealth and resources. We are proud of our Responsible Travel policies, which are currently leading the industry in a variety of ways and are continuously being assessed and improved. Whether you prefer cycling or walking, 2-star or 4-star, small groups or self guided, land, river or sea – UTracks can help you to explore Europe exactly the way you want. On a guided cycle tour in Europe you’ll share memories and laughs with enthusiastic cyclists from around the world who also appreciate the benefits of exploring Europe by bike.

In Italy’s Puglia region, located on the “heel of the boot,” you’ll find all of the country’s quintessential attractions—historic villages, beautiful coastlines, and delicious wines—without the crowds. This relatively untouristed region is one of the country’s best kept secrets, and this beginner-level cycling tour by VBT brings you to some of its greatest gems. First rider to have completed all & of the TDA 7 Epics. Special thanks to the TDA and their amazing, dedicated staff for making such trips,. And the quote above, possible- there is an incredible amount of work that goes into scouting, logistics, bookings, vehicles, staffing food, etc etc.


Airlines require that pedals be taken off the bike; never leave them loose in the box. Attach them either to your rear rack or put them in one of your panniers. You can toss in your panniers, tent, and other gear for extra padding.

How long is the Danube cycle path?

The Danube Cycle Path is one of the most scenic cycling routes in Europe. It extends for about 1,200 kilometers from Donaueschingen in Germany to the Hungarian capital of Budapest. The Danube Cycle Path also winds its way through Austria, running parallel to the mighty river.

We also considered timeless essentials like staff training and logistical expertise that differentiate the best from the rest. These off-the-beaten-track cycling tours in Europe are the perfect solution for satisfying your thirst for adventure travel. Not only can you explore at a faster pace, meaning you can visit more locations, but you can also soak up the incredible scenery along the way.

Spanish Pyrenees To Costa Brava Bike Tour

Explore the natural beauty of Tuscany on two wheels and be swept into its romantic ambience as you cycle among vineyards, olive groves, ancient cities and colourful towns that cling to the hillsides. This cycling tour takes you to the heart of Italy and lets you soak up the pretty scenery as well as the laid-back culture. A detailed route description will give you the freedom to ride at your own pace and choose your own distance. Having a guide on a bike gives you the opportunity to simply follow. A good touring company can offer you both choices on the same trip.

Where did Lance Armstrong live in Girona?

Many would buy homes, some making more money off Spain’s booming real estate market than they would on their rider salaries. Armstrong later purchased a flat in a restored, 17-century palace in central Girona where his neighbors were Hamilton and Freddy Rodriguez.

Finland can be a very easy destination for those who want to tackle a bike trip, naturally only if faced in the hottest season. For those up to the weather challenge, cycling the whole coast of Norway will make for a trip of a lifetime. The British Isles five their best in the Highlands of Scotland and the Wild Atlantic Way of Ireland. Cornwall is another gorgeous cycling holiday destination. The tracks here are to be taken as a rough guideline, check each country’s guide for more detailed routes.

Puglia Bike Tour

Escape To The Pyreneesis an independent, catered guest house in Villelongue, near Lourdes, in the High Pyrenees of France, offering road and gravel guided and supported cycling tours as well as self-guided holidays. On this nine-day, mid-level tour with Ciclismo, cyclers will be able to take in the best of Belgium, from beer to World War II history. The route begins with a day in Luxembourg, where you can explore an old castle and monastery in the village of Clervaux.

This is certainly the most convenient way to travel by bicycle, because everything has been taken care of. In effect, all you need to do is show up, pedal, enjoy, sightsee, eat, drink, sleep. When you are tired or don’t want to climb a hill, the support van will help out.

Tuscany Wine Country Bike Tour

A Swiss bike tour can be flatter than one might expect because many routes run along valleys. The Swiss national bike-route system is so organized and efficient that we didn’t even need a map, and instead followed signs the entire way. At every juncture where we started to doubt and thought, “Gosh, I sure hope we are still on the route,” suddenly another sign would appear pointing the way. Swiss tour operator SwissTrails has excellent English-language fact sheets on its website describing many of the national bike routes.

Where do pro cyclists live in Europe?

The French city of Nice and the nearby city-state of Monaco are also popular. But in the past couple years Andorra has exploded in popularity with many pros packing up and moving to the tiny landlocked nation in the Pyrenees.

Have they just begun operating trips, or do they have decades of experience? Go for the latter, because nothing is as frustrating as being “misled” by people that don’t exactly know what they are doing or where they are going. With a ratio of 1 guide per 6 guests, you can be assured of perfect service. With a ratio of 1 guide per 10 guests or more, there is no way they can keep track of you and you practically end up on a self-guided trip. And there is no better place than Europe, where the villages, castles, cathedrals and museums are unrivaled and the reward of breezing along under your own power is an exhilarating experience. What you see, what you feel, what you encounter is sharper and more relaxed, more complete, when the warm yellow sun, the lush green pastures, and the crystal blue lakes dissolve the tension of our everyday lives.

Tuscany By The Sea Bike Tour

The Netherlands is actually the place where our Cycloscope project started, the Dutch bike culture literally changed our lives. Aside from Latvia’s capital, Riga, which is included in the route, the areas are sparsely populated but not forgotten. If you are specifically interested in military heritage, the best option is to travel in Latvia. Here you will find one of the calmest parts of the trail, with easily locatedpoints of interest from Soviet Union times. Below, you can find some tips and recommendations for your perfect experience of traveling in Latvia.

Can you cycle around Europe?

Europe is a fantastic place to explore on two wheels! It is the birth place of the Tour de France and home to some of the most scenic bike routes in the world. Europe is a continent full of breathtaking scenery and fascinating history – waiting to be explored!

Organised tour Headwater has a seven-night self-guided trip from £1,139, including B&B and five dinners, bike hire, luggage transfers and ferry from Staad to Meersburg. Organised tour Open Road Open Skies has a five-night self-guided trip from £445 B&B, including luggage transfers; bike hire is an extra £50. Organised tour UTracks has a seven-night self-guided trip from £1,150 (£830 children), including B&B, bike hire and luggage transfers. Organised tour The Carter Company has a seven-night self-guided trip, starting and ending in Pisa, from £890 B&B, including bike hire and luggage transfers.