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Two other helpful pieces of navigation equipment are a compass and a digital camera. A compass on your handlebars can help confirm you are heading a particular direction without having to stop. A digital camera can capture maps that you encounter, such as the tourist maps posted in many European towns or maps online.

Can you take bikes on trains in Germany?

Taking a bicycle on an intercity train

You need a bicycle ticket and reservation to take a bicycle on an intercity train. You can book and pay for this conveniently in one step when you buy your ticket for all intercity and Eurocity trains in Germany. The reservation for your bicycle is included in the price.

Ride through barren moorlands in Scotland, stopping to admire medieval castles and quaint little towns. This operator allows you to rebook your dates or tours with them for free, waiving change fees. Just west of Oxford, in England’s bucolic region of honey-colored stone cottages and gently rolling green fields, the ambitious and enlightened cyclist can sleuth out a northern riding loop affectionately…

The 9 Best European Cycle Tours For Beginners

If you need to phone home a couple of times, internet cafés are ubiquitous and with services like Skype or Google Voice, you can call most numbers for a few cents a minute. Many hotels and campgrounds provide wireless internet so carrying a smartphone can be helpful for the same reason, even if the cell service is turned off. When we planned our trip, we debated bringing a camp stove but never regretted having left it at home. Europe has a delicious array of cheeses, meats, fresh-baked breads, and fresh produce that can be purchased in grocery stores or at local outdoor markets. For lunch most of the time, we made sandwiches out of a baguette, tomato, soft cheese, and hard salami, and topped them with sauces like pesto or olive tapenade. Signs are helpful, like these bike-route signs, but carrying a map is never a bad idea.

Bravo Silvia and it was great to meet all of the family and team at basecamp. Taking your bike on a train can greatly extend the reach of your trip, and there’s nothing so sweet as taking a train away from the rain and into a sunny place. Helmets are usually available, but may not be automatically offered — ask. A secret mountain biking paradise, the Balkan range is covered in verdant forests and crisscrossed by single-track trails that will challenge the most skilled MTBers. Although the most popular part is the already mentioned section from Passau to Budapest, the most beautiful cycling route along the Danube is the Iron Gates gorge between Serbia and Romania.

Czech Republic & Austria Bike Tour

Part of this route will force you on a main highway, but there’s a mountain biking route under development. A beautiful cycling path connecting Italy and Austra across Alpine valleys. Although the Austrian section requires quite some stamina, the Italian section is very suitable for beginners – enjoying the alpine peaks without too much effort.

Do as the locals do and experience the Dutch countryside by bike. Image courtesy NBTC With the 102nd edition of the Tour de France … 6 European trails that provide a ‘sense of achievement’ – one of the main reasons people embark on an active holiday in Europe.

Responsible Travel

Since the roads shown on this map will not be the ones you’ll be riding on (or you’re in trouble), find a map where the roads don’t obliterate the whole landscape. Another high-end bike tour to consider if you’re looking for a luxury experience, this well-established tour company offers a wide array of family-only Europe bike trips of various difficulties and interests. Some offer multi-sport add-ons that are appealing for older kids and teens. This tour company includes a full support van, three daily meals, bike rentals, and additional recreational experiences. For more than half a century, this well-regarded company has offered luxury bike trips that manage to be both active and genuinely plush. On its family bike trips, different age levels are accommodated on different itineraries.

Where do cyclists live in Spain?

Welcome to Girona, Spain! Ask a pro cyclist where they’ll train and live in the offseason, and chances are you’ll hear “Girona, Spain,” a fair share. The city, about 90 minutes from Barcelona, isn’t just known for its amazing historical buildings and tourist-friendly atmosphere.

And trust us, you’ll remember the little Renaissance town of Lucca for a long, long time. It’s less busy than it’s nearby neighbour Pisa, and what it lacks in leaning towers it more than makes up for in shady promenades, cobbled lanes and photogenic piazzas just waiting to be explored on foot. Stretch those sore quads with a little stroll through the Roman amphitheatre off the Via Fillungo, before heading to the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro to stuff your face with fresh pizza and razor-sharp espresso. The next day we’ll hop back on the bikes for a ride along the Serchio River to Pisa.

More About Guided Cycling

We will provide enrolled families with a Travel Information document covering details specific to traveling to and from Europe, including airport information and arrival and departure time windows. We know that international travel can be daunting – rest assured that regardless of flight cancellations or delays, we will always have someone on hand to assist with our students’ arrivals and departures. From Paris, we’ll continue east through the vineyard covered hills of the Champagne region, into the verdant valleys of Alsace-Lorraine, and then on to Strasbourg, right on France’s border with Germany. We’ll cross the Rhine River and follow Germany’s outstanding network of bike paths through the charming Black Forest to the shores of Lake Constance, also known in Germany as the Bodensee. We’ll look across this famous lake to the snow-covered peaks of the Alps – the next leg of our journey together. Please enter your email address to receive our latest news, offers and bike tour information.

How fast can you bike 100 miles?

Unless the 100 miler you’re gunning for is pancake flat and you can easily cruise at 20+ mph (in which case you can adjust that max time downward), a rolling century will take you 6 ½ to 7 hours (using 15 mph as an average).

Unpack just once then head out each day to experience something … This UK travel writer set off for The Telegraph to discover spring in the Netherlands and see the tulips on a tour by bike … View the 9 different traveller themes and decide what trip is right for you. If you’re about to set out on your first cycling tour, be sure to check out my firsthand advice and tips on how I … We answer the most common questions about electric bicycles and explain the benefits of using …

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From the snow-capped Pyrenes to the glistening Costa Brava, there’s no shortage of scenery in northern Catalonia. Inntravel’s scenic eight-day tour showcases this overlooked corner of Spain, sticking mainly to dedicated cycling paths ideal for beginners. Like many a great European cycle tour, you’ll pedal through hidden valleys dotted with small villages and enjoy excellent local food and wine. There’s also a free day in Girona, a historical city replete with ancient walls and Roman fortresses.

Where do pro cyclists live?

Many of the world’s top pro cyclists live in Italian and Swiss Lake District. A good number of pro road cyclists have made their home here, lured by the mild weather, the foothills of the Italian and Swiss Alps and the rolling roads down to the lakes.

Miles of challenging singletrack around glacial peaks in Torres del Paine National Park attract trail riders from all over the world. Home to Kingdom Trails, one of the country’s most popular purpose-built networks, with more than 100 miles of flowy singletrack. Between the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests and the nearby Shenandoah Valley and Blue Ridge some of the prettiest riding on the East Coast. Bike Rentals In Europe – We offer a variety of premium rental bikes – with a bike style and fit to meet the needs of every type of cyclist, from novice to expert- including a large e-bike rental fleet as well.

Biking In Europe

Being our own tour planners was more effort but it was also well worth it. Researching the trip ahead of time added to the anticipation and helped us learn more about the places we considered going. On the road, we knew we had the essentials with us and that the rest would be available along the way.

Cycle easy this bike tour into the Swiss and French Alps, following the Rhône and Isère rivers to Lakes Geneva, Annecy, and Saint-André. Cycle along the Alpilles mountains during one of the most glorious bike trips in Provence, France, passing river valleys, medieval villages, and Roman architecture. Quaint villages, resorts, and medieval cities are balanced with stunning coastlines and lush countryside on this quintessential Baltic bike tour.

Where Are The Worlds Healthiest Countries?

On this Danube River bike tour, you’ll follow the famous EuroVelo 6 bike path between Passau, Germany and the Wachau Valley in Austria, as well as the historic Ybbs Valley Cycle Trail. A unique pocket of Central European traditions, scenic splendor, wine culture, and cuisine is revealed on one comprehensive Danube bike tour. Cycle into past millennia along Greece’s Peloponnesian Peninsula, where splendid bike routes deliver you to sweeping coastal and mountain vistas. Sweden is Nordic glory at its finest, from its thoughtfully designed cities to its vast countryside. Cold winters are offset by glorious summers and the famed midnight sun that provides long days perfect for exploring. With over 175 tours in 30+ European countries, we’re certain you’ll find your next adventure.

Can you cycle across the world?

On 18 September 2017, Mark Beaumont arrived in Paris having completed a supported circumnavigation of the globe by bicycle in 78 days 14 hours, and 40 minutes. This beat his previous unsupported attempt by 115 days and beat the previous world record by 44 days and 10 hours and should be regarded as the record.

Backroads organizes events in Europa and the rest of the world. Use an improved Kryptonite-style bike lock to secure your bike to something sturdy. Never leave your pump, handlebar bag, panniers, water bottle, or computer on your bike when you can’t see it. At hotels or hostels, ask if there is a locked bike room, and, if not, ask for a place to put your bike inside overnight. Remember that hotels and many pensions don’t really have rules against taking a bike up to your room; just do it unobtrusively.

Classic Climbs: The Tour Bike Vacation

I signed up for Hannibal ride because of the combination of historical story and the cycling adventure. I am a slow rider up hills but there were plenty of opportunities for me to ride at my own pace and I appreciated that flexibility by the guides. There aren’t many places Intrepid hasn’t been, so even if you’ve got a destination in mind that isn’t on our list of Cycling tours in Europe or the Middle East, our Tailor-Made team is here to help. We’ll use our 30 years of experience and regional specialists to help you create your perfect cycling adventure. The other guides were all excellent and genuinely could not do enough.

  • Bicycle touring in Europe is an exciting way to traverse the continent in a way that other modes of travel just can’t match.
  • Finally, you’ll ride to Kylemore Abbey and Ballynahinch Castle to tour the historic sites before heading to Galway.
  • Pick a half-dozen places from pictures in a travel book and then see if you can construct a logical route joining them.
  • Another factor is what bike you bring, which I didn’t fully consider ahead of time.