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With picturesque cities and a fascinating past, this historic nation won’t remain “off the beaten path” for long. Sweden is Nordic glory at its finest, from its thoughtfully designed cities to its vast countryside. Cold winters are offset by glorious summers and the famed midnight sun that provides long days perfect for exploring. One special mechanical note about Germany is that, while bike paths are everywhere, the material and quality of the paths is variable. Gravel and pavement are marked identically on the ADFC maps, and curbs and tree-root bumps are common and can cause pinch-flats.

  • Quiet roads take us through numerous small villages as we make our way to Cetinje, the historical Old Royal Capital.
  • Whether you’ve heard it from Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stone or even Depeche Mode, the lyrics to this song has inspired generations to go out and visit to see for themselves all the towns mentioned…
  • But asFlixpolicy on sports equipment regarding folding bikes was uncertain, I also booked a ticket from Oui Bus at €16.99, which includes for folding bicycles without additional charges.
  • From details about our one-of-a-kind Air Package to bike specs—find everything you need to know about traveling with VBT right here.
  • After a quick cup of coffee and some croissants it was time to ride.

Alsace is such an original place in the middle of Europe—squeezed between the powerful countries of Germany and France, but with its own strong local identity. Explore a land of grand castles, resplendent gardens and prolific vineyards during unrivalled cycling in the Loire Valley of France. Find your perfect tour and reserve a spot with our easy online booking. While many have excitedly reserved their trip and packed their bags, others remain hesitant. No matter which side of that spectrum you fall, you might be wondering what it’s like…

Amsterdam To Bruges Bike & Barge

Cycle easy routes on this bike tour into the Swiss and French Alps, following the Rhône and Isère rivers to Lakes Geneva, Annecy, and Saint-André. Quaint villages, resorts, and medieval cities are balanced with stunning coastlines and lush countryside on this quintessential Baltic bike tour. Shimmering coasts, mountain vistas, and medieval villages frame each and every day of your Costa Brava bike tour. If you can patch a flat, repair a chain, replace a brake or derailer cable, adjust your brakes, and perhaps also true a wheel, you can fix most of the problems that come up on the road. Although there are many things that can go wrong with a bicycle, the remainder are either uncommon or wouldn’t prevent you from riding to the next bicycle shop.

  • In the evening, we’ll sit around the campfire, talk and tell stories.
  • On June 6, 1944, Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy to begin a crucial operation to liberate Europe from German military occupation.
  • Germany also has an extensive network of bike paths.
  • With picturesque cities and a fascinating past, this historic nation won’t remain “off the beaten path” for long.
  • I have two good friends who are from Croatia (see Yuri’s presentation).
  • We had pre-loaded thePortugal,Spain&FranceMaps together with GPS coordinates of our destinations.

Many meals end up being shared events where students pick up various things from a market and have a collective meal in a park. Different students inevitably have different budgets, and there are inexpensive ways to eat well and enjoy the incredible places where we will be. A full anticipated set of likely expenses is available at the GEO program page or here.


It will also be good if another member of the team carry another GPS unit should the leader’s one go faulty. But asFlixpolicy on sports equipment regarding folding bikes was uncertain, I also booked a ticket from Oui Bus at €16.99, which includes for folding bicycles without additional charges. The only thing aboutOui Busis that one cannot book a firm seat and seats are only allocated an hour before departure. Bear Development is a junior and U-23 mountain bike program based in Marin County. The team draws student athletes from all over the country and provides them with the resources and coaching to race at the highest level possible.

  • Komoot uses the open-source OpenStreetMap database and allows you to plan road, mountain bike and gravel rides as well as commutes.
  • During the ride the small village streets fill with people to celebrate your arrival.
  • A subscription includes premium features, such as all 25,000 and 50,000 maps on- and offline.
  • We have 2 itineraries – 1 for Easy going cycling and 1 for more challenging cycling.
  • We offer this tour as a Self Guided Walking Tour, and it may also be chartered as a guided tour for groups.
  • We know the best biking roads in the region and we can alter the routes to cater to your biking abilities.

That said, the general feedback from past years from our introverts has been one of amazement of how enjoyable and a complete surprise it was to be with everyone so much of the time. We all need ways to recharge and I also try very hard to create an extremely cohesive and supportive community. Learn the critical components of successful integration and promotion of walking and bicycling into communities.

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That’s the Great Big FANY Ride, and it’s just one of many. UTracks offers unforgettable self guided bike trips and incredible small group cycling holidays in Europe. Explore Cambodia in the most authentic way on this 8 day guided bike tour, stopping at famous UNESCO sites, riding along the Mekong river, colorful villages, and rural countryside.

Our hotel is just located a 5 min busride from the historic center city. Gary Fisher is considered one of the inventors of modern day mountain biking. The Marin County native has spent his career racing bikes, designing mountain bikes, and advocating for bicycles. He was inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 1988. Our own country also has a multitude of excpetional biking routes that are suitable for all levels, with little road traffic and the ideal biking climate, even in wintertime. The Costa Bravaand Madrid are ideal locations in the summer months, while you can still enjoy biking in MallorcaandAndalucia during the winter.


Left the work force to become full time cyclist, geocacher and fisherman. Not known for doing anything in moderation this trip has a certain appeal. Taking a break from walking every street in my city to bike a few km with my dad. It’s time to explore some more of the world on my bike.

Sprawling mountain ranges, sparkling waterfalls, emerald green hills, picture-perfect castles, and bike paths that follow the mighty Danube—Slovakia is an active traveler’s dream come true. Indulge in the bike-friendly countries of Sweden and Denmark, cycling breathtaking coastal vistas along flat routes and experiencing rich Scandinavian culture. Cycle the fertile landscapes and stunning coasts of southern Portugal, exploring medieval towns and savoring farm-fresh cuisine and famed local wines. Cycle along the Alpilles mountains during one of the most glorious bike trips in Provence, France, passing river valleys, medieval villages, and Roman architecture. A unique pocket of Central European traditions, scenic splendor, wine culture, and cuisine is revealed on one comprehensive Danube bike tour. Being our own tour planners was more effort but it was also well worth it.

Arizona Outback Adventures

It can still serve as inspiration, but make sure you find more up to date information before you go. I think I mentioned our last one was last May, but I was wrong. Then we’ll make camp for the night in Sycamore Canyon Campground, which is situated just a short walk away from the Pacific Ocean. After setting up camp, we’ll walk to the beach before returning to our campsite for some Mexican burritos from my favorite local restaurant .

Laurens Travel Diary

Outside of a group of diehard enthusiasts, the idea going on vacation by bicycle hardly occurs to most people. If it does, thoughts of “too hard” and “just for the young” keep many from further exploring the idea. Each book in the Hidden series reviews a destination’sfamed attractions. Then it invites the reader to go further by exploring “hidden” spots other guides overlook, including small inns and recommended restaurants. The guides lead to places local residents enjoy exploring including beaches, parks and non-touristy neighborhoods. DOGS must be kept on a leash no longer than six feet and under adult supervision at all times.

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Remote, quiet, with open landscapes and old medieval towns protected by hilltop Fortresses and Castles now converted into luxury hotels, Portugal’s Alentejo Region offers an unmatched cycling experience. Remote, quiet, with open landscapes and old medieval towns protected by hilltop Fortresses and Castles now converted into luxury hotels, Portugal’s Alentejo Region offers an unmatched cycling experience. Browse various bike tour websites to see the basic cost per itinerary. Besides that, the only other major cost is your flight and transportation to the starting point and back. If you have concerns about budget, work with an operator who will help you find good basic lodging. Other ways to save money include sharing a room and limiting restaurant meals in favor of picnic fare.

Stories From France

I have written and rewritten this post several times in the past few days and have struggled to complete it. Initially, I was going to just give you a day-by-day recount of my second Adventure… Have you ever passed by a place and told yourself that you’re going to stop and check it out one of these days? Then you end up passing this same place over and over and…

Switzerland & France: Lake Geneva, Annecy & Valleys Of The Alps

Multi-day tours are on offer in other countries as well. Italian tours debut with the impressive route from Florence to Pisa. Picture-perfect tours are bookable in Croatia and Greece.

Adventure Awaits

My favourite place I’ve been so far is Meteora, Greece. Probably the greatest pleasure of cycle-touring for me is never spending more than two days in a row in the same spot. Sometimes on a tour our failures are as incredible as our successes. Being defeated as my tour attempted to climb a new route on Koca Sarp, a rocky mountain in central Anatolia, is an experience I’ll always remember.