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Cornwall is another gorgeous cycling holiday destination. Instead of the shortest way to get from A to B, in this zig-zagging route we invite you to explore the challenges of the Appennini and the Balkans. This is really just an outline, the embryo of a route – research is and personalise it according to your tastes.

If you’re heading to a place that uses UK plugs, you’ll want these adaptors as well. Luckily, adaptors are cheap to buy and easy to carry–we recommend picking these up before you go. Also, toilet paper is far from a guarantee in public toilets–we recommend carrying a small pack of tissues with you just in case. Smaller things, like metro passes or tickets for getting around cities, can be handled once you arrive.

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My suspicion is that my love of Spain is deeply rooted in all of the little nuances one experiences on a daily basis whilst travelling here. Many backpackers just roll through Barcelona and maybe go visit Madrid. Whilst those cities are not to be missed, backpacking through Spain without exploring its other regions would be a you decide to go on your Euro backpacking trip, the magic will surely blow your mind.

You might choose to call yourself a bicycle traveler after you’ve been on the road for several months or years. Or you might decide that you have become a bicycle traveler after regular bicycle touring excursions have become a regular part of your life. Guided, self-supported bicycle touring is a combination of guided and self-supported bicycle touring.

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Choose a tour from more than 20 countries or decide to visit parts of several. Guided tours also typically feature somewhat larger group sizes of up to 20 riders and include sightseeing destinations, such as castles, vineyards and other attractions, as part of the package. We have often rented to groups of friends or families who have rented a villa in Emilia-Romagna or Tuscany, as well as other locations in Italy or Europe.

Make copies of your personal documents, including your passport and ID. Forward your itinerary along to loved ones so they’ll know where you are. Hitchhiking – Hitchhiking in Italy is very safe, but it’s not for everyone. It can be a little time consuming so you’ll need to be flexible.

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But if you have four panniers on your bicycle, you are riding fully-loaded. Isn’t the point of active travel to challenge yourself by physically making your own way from one … Choose from our carefully-crafted hiking, cycling, paddling, and winter adventures. Since you’ll likely have 1-2 flights in this itinerary regardless, which destinations you pick can come down to a combination of your absolute favorites and what makes logistical sense.

You’ll fall in love with Berlin’s Museum Island, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Anyway, Amsterdam is a wonderful city for a new traveler coming to Europe. You’ll learn about incredible art at the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum. Purchase tickets ahead of time to beat the lines at the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower.

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Are you preparing to pack for a self-guided bike tour in Europe? Wondering what clothing, gear, and other essentials to bring on your bike trip? In this post, we’ll share packing tips and a packing list to help you enjoy your cycle tour. Europe is an exciting melting pot of culture, architecture, cuisine, fashion, and history. These promise to be an excellent combination of daily cycling and returning to your floating hotel for an evening of relaxation preceded by dinner with fresh local ingredients prepared by your onboard chef. This holiday allows cyclists and non-cyclists alike the enjoyment of a boat and bike trip and to see all the waterways have to offer.

  • I’ve travelled Europe before and I stayed in hotels, and trust me I didn’t feel the pulse of Europe until I went back there the second time as a backpacker.
  • This 2 week Europe trip guide is designed for someone hoping to see the highlights of a few different European destinations, spread across multiple countries, in only a couple of weeks.
  • Those who wish to ride every mile but are concerned about their physical ability may want to try our electric bike option—you still get a workout but can climb alongside even the strongest rider.
  • Soak in the atmosphere and way of life as you explore.
  • After Paris, spend 2 days in Amsterdam and fall in love with the adorable canals.
  • Turin is the birthplace of Nutella and a beautiful city right on the way to France.

Taking a cycling tour on a bike or barge allows a closer view of the sights from the boat deck or the cycling pathways along the water. Many of our customers purchase picnic supplies for lunch along the way. If you prefer to stop at a café or restaurant, there will be plenty on your route (listed in your road book on self-guided tours, or suggested by the tour leader on guided tours). For dinner we’ll suggest local restaurants, typically within walking distance (dinners are included in some of our tour packages – check the itinerary). If you are vegan, vegetarian or you need a gluten-free meal, please ask and we’ll be happy to help.

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There are many touristy places in Europe where you will have to pay to use a public bathroom! Venice even has a bathroom pass you can purchase for $5 USD, that’s how serious it is. So make sure to use the restroom before you leave a restaurant or museum. We love sneaking into McDonalds and Starbucks to use the bathroom for free. Many museums in Europe have free days, so do some research ahead of time to see when popular museums are free! To give you an idea, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía is free on Mondays after 7pm and the Vatican Museum is free all day on September 27th for World Tourism Day.

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Our support vehicle will transport luggage from one hotel to the next every day. Vehicle support for tired cyclists is available most days, as is our accompanying cycling guide – please check the specific itinerary for details. Naturally, no tour operator, no matter how upscale, can control the weather.

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Those who wish to ride every mile but are concerned about their physical ability may want to try our electric bike option—you still get a workout but can climb alongside even the strongest rider. Type 4+ Riders will enjoy the extra mileage the avid route options offer. This morning’s route lifts you high above the Val d’Orcia, a vista dotted with rolling hills blanketed with vines and rows of cypress trees.

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It is unsafe because the backpack changes your center of gravity and throws off the balance of the bike, not to mention being uncomfortable. In this era of high gas prices using the oil that fuels global warming, the bicycle remains one of the best-kept secrets both in order to travel cheaply and to get to know a culture and often the locals. Outside of a group of diehard enthusiasts, the idea going on vacation by bicycle hardly occurs to most people. If it does, thoughts of “too hard” and “just for the young” keep many from further exploring the idea. The Austrian portion will be an easy ride as well, as you travel through spas and wineries offering relaxing breaks between cycling legs. You will pass through two historic German cities, three medieval cities, and other highlights during your cycling trip, including the Alps and the Neuschwanstein Castle.

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Self-guided individual bike tours have become increasingly popular because of the flexibility and independence they offer. They cost less than guided bicycle tours but still maintain a level of support and convenience that allows you to explore on your own schedule without sweating the logistics. Reserve a tour via one of the many commercial bicycle tour operations throughout the region. A typical tour will be up to a week long and include meals, lodging and luggage transportation between each stop so you can still pack comfortably. Bringing your own is an option if you’re partial to your own bike, but transporting it might be more expensive than renting.

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Campgrounds often will take orders for baked goods in the evening for delivery the next morning and every town and many campgrounds have a café for a hot drink. Cool Campinglists particularly scenic campsites in France and the UK on its website and in its guidebooks. We tried it once in Ireland and I have also done it on several other occasions in France, staying in parks where camping is technically not permitted but the restriction is not enforced. Two other helpful pieces of navigation equipment are a compass and a digital camera. A compass on your handlebars can help confirm you are heading a particular direction without having to stop. A digital camera can capture maps that you encounter, such as the tourist maps posted in many European towns or maps online.

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The next day, you can go up the cable car to the Kasprowy Wierch where you will be able to see the mountain range from the top. Be sure to check the weather and book the ticket from there website before arriving to avoid disappointment and long lines. The peaceful vibe of the area drew me in right away, and I highly recommend you stay here as long as you can. You can spend the rest of the day exploring the Altes Rathaus area, a historical old town of Leipzig where you will be able to find some interesting architecture and monument along the walking path. If you are looking to go out at night, check out Urban Spree and align your visit with their event schedule for a nice night out. Located by the Spree river, this artistic space is dedicated to urban cultures through exhibitions, art, DIY workshops, and concerts.