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While not all interstate roads are bike-friendly, there are many low-traffic roads and secondary roads that are much safer to bike. The cycling community is still growing in the US, so all of this infrastructure is only getting better and more connected as time passes. Every rider should visit this cycling-mad city, where eight cycle superhighways connect 19 municipalities in the Capital Region.

  • If you can find people in your hostel to split the cost, hiring a driver for the day can be as low as $5 per person.
  • When I toured the Dordogne I marked the suggested itineraries from three different books and combined what I liked best from each into my final route – with my own modifications.
  • Also a crucial factor will be of course the bike and tire choice.
  • I want to convey my admiration for your generosity in support of those who require assistance with that concern.

The most popular European tourist sites are also teeming with scammers. With a little research on the most common tourist scams in Europe, it’s not hard to avoid them at all. Your biggest concern is probably pickpockets and thieves. They particularly target crowded markets and train stations. Always be alert when moving about in big cities especially if you have all of your gear with you. I always travel with a hanging toiletry bag as it’s a super-efficient way to organize your bathroom stuff.

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Sietse shared our enthusiasm for off the beaten track exploring to see new places, meeting locals and experiencing local culture. At that time, we wrote to our guests and advised them to sit back and see European progress happen. They did, the quarantine lifted and we enjoyed our fun October tours with two wonderful groups and hospitality of Berthus and Jonne of the Flora.

In the offseason or in less-touristed areas, it is often possible to stay in a mostly empty campground. And although many campgrounds are little more than a plain field at the edge of town, some are spectacular. In Primel-Trégastel, Brittany, we stayed in a mostly empty campground that was about 20 feet from a spectacular shoreline. In Germany, we stayed in a spacious field next to the North Sea.

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For the Sherpa people of Khumbu, the tourism of Mount Everest is both a livelihood and a source of unspeakable hardship. Click to receive special offers, travel inspo, tips, and updates from Viator. Lol I don’t think they’re eating cat or dog in Taiwan and I don’t know a soul who has been bitten by that snake you mention. Thank you very much for sharing a nice as well as the well-informative article here. The information you have described herewith was really amazing! However, if you allow me to add one more place to must-visit I would be glad, and the place name Bangladesh.

It seems like the Dutch tour companies should be willing to rent a bike one-way since they already have the system in place. I would contact one or two, like Dutch Bike Tours, directly. Ironically, when the numbers system was working well, the GPS were often telling us to go a different way. Trying to use these two systems at once is not a good idea since the GPS is primarily concerned with your final destination, whereas the numbered signs are taking you on a specific route. I recommend using the numbers system first along with the printed directions. Then, when you don’t have enough information from the road signs or you’re doubting the path, consult the printed map and the GPS.

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Be inspired by our collections of active travel tour themes in Europe. Find the right trip for you with our amazing range of walking and cycling tour themes. Consider bringing your bike from home, but be sure to check your airline’s baggage policies for fees and restrictions.

Of course, you can travel for a lot less if you make all your own arrangements. Porto’s hilly streets can make a walking or pushbike tour more challenging. Explore the city with ease aboard an electric bike that does all the hard work for you. Join your guide and group for a journey around Porto’s highlights including the Clerigos Tower, Lello Book Store, Sao Bento train station, and the Dom Luis I Bridge.

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Soaring peaks, crystal clear lakes, and the endlessly beautiful landscapes in between make Switzerland the ideal setting for an active vacation. From cosmopolitan Copenhagen to coastal splendor and quintessential Renaissance castles, Denmark ticks all the boxes. It’s no wonder quality of life is off the charts in this Scandinavian gem. Medieval towns, rural chateaux, art-infused cities, and some of the world’s best chocolate and beer. Though Belgium may be small in size, it makes a big impression. Walled cities, medieval castles, and a sparkling turquoise coast dotted with more than a thousand islands.

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  • To travel in Croatia on a budget, you need a similar approach to Greece – travel in the shoulder season.
  • I am looking forward to exploring some areas of Europe that I’ve not visited yet.
  • Our favorite panniers are made by Ortlieb and are completely waterproof, but there is much debate in the cycling community about bags and adherents to one brand tend to be fiercely loyal.

There are many day trips, hikes, and monasteries in Georgia, that one can easily spend months and not get bored. Now we’re planning our next cycling tour and, yes, feeling very lucky. In May we’ll be hopping on bikes in southern Italy with, an outfit that has introduced us to hundreds of options in European cycling tours. As we prepare for this next round of biking Europe, we figured we share some of the details in order to answer all the follow up questions we get about guided cycling. The city of Alkmeer has held a cheese market for hundreds of years, and with both of us being cheese-heads this was a natural target. It only takes place on Friday mornings in the warmer months, and we had to ride 20 brisk miles to make it on time.

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Europe is proud of its dedicated bike trails; they are wonderful, long-distance paths separated from traffic. Even when portions must share the road with cars, we found the French to be very respectful of bikers, often not passing unless they could safely pull out to the left lane. Maria departed Budapest on a bike she bought for 10 euros from a local scrapyard. After strapping a backpack to it, she spent two months cycling through Eastern Europe to Istanbul. Her life-changing bicycle adventure required less than 24 hours of planning and involved no specialist equipment whatsoever. Dana didn’t want to cycle in Paris because she doesn’t like city traffic, so we explored by foot.

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TerwolbeckHolland is the cycling country par excellence, with thousands of kilometers of dedicated cycling paths. The Netherlands is actually the place where our Cycloscope project started, the Dutch bike culture literally changed our lives. If you are specifically interested in military heritage, the best option is to travel in Latvia. Here you will find one of the calmest parts of the trail, with easily locatedpoints of interest from Soviet Union times. Below, you can find some tips and recommendations for your perfect experience of traveling in Latvia. The Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania – are small enough to be visited on a single trip.

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Poland has been building cycling infrastructures for years, many internationalEuroVelo routespass through the country, while the totally-PolishGreenVelocrosses the nation from north to south. One of the best-known routes in Ireland, for cyclists and non-cyclists, is the western part of the coast to the south of the island which includes the famous Cliff of Moher and the Ring of Kerry. N.B. Georgia is not part of this guide yet, but we wrote a lot about it and it’s one of our all-time favourite bikepacking paradises, check all our articles here. On this Danube River bike tour, you’ll follow the famous EuroVelo 6 bike path between Passau, Germany and the Wachau Valley in Austria, as well as the historic Ybbs Valley Cycle Trail. Rugged mountain peaks, atmospheric forests, winding rivers, and placid lakes—Poland’s countryside is largely unspoiled and strikingly beautiful. With picturesque cities and a fascinating past, this historic nation won’t remain “off the beaten path” for long.

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Cycloscope is a project by Daniele Giannotta and Elena Stefanin. A life on the road to gain knowledge and share experiences. Set off from Italy in May 2014 we cycled 40.000km through 42 countries so far. If you’re up for serious mountain climbs, amazing villages, and thoughtful experiences, a trip across former Yugoslavia is one of a great kind. Slovenia really the perfect bike destination, whether for hobby cyclists or nature lovers. Passing through the Alps anyway, doesn’t necessarily require to be the fittest cyclist.

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Do things that aren’t on the “must-see sights” in travel blogs. Vatican City is super easy to include since it’s literally smack-bang in the middle of Rome – the world’s smallest country measures less than a square kilometre. Visiting Monaco is an easy day trip from the French Riviera, and San Marino from Bologna, Italy. Either they just visit a few cities or they go on cookie-cutter tours where they are shuffled around from one famous attraction to another, plowing through a sea of baguettes, gelato, and, tapas along the way. Visit Athens, of ancient history and cool graffiti.

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If you’re traveling between France and the Netherlands, it is absolutely worth stopping over in Belgium for a little while. Antwerp would be the best place to base yourself although Ghent and Bruges are worth seeing. Bruges gets absolutely zombified with tourists, though – prepare yourself. Most backpackers make a stop in Amsterdam and leave the rest of the country be.

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Cycle along the Alpilles mountains during one of the most glorious bike trips in Provence, France, passing river valleys, medieval villages, and Roman architecture. Quaint villages, resorts, and medieval cities are balanced with stunning coastlines and lush countryside on this quintessential Baltic bike tour. Shimmering coasts, mountain vistas, and medieval villages frame each and every day of your Costa Brava bike tour. The trips listed below are fully supported, meaning they include vehicles en route to pick you up if you need help and mechanics to fix your bike if it breaks. The tour guides have extensive knowledge of the area and can, if necessary, offer encouragement during a long day. If this has inspired you to start planning your next cycling adventure, take a look at our broad range of cycling trips in Europe and beyond by clicking here.