Visiting New Zealand With Private Tours

New Zealand has a diverse landscape. There are charming towns as well as beaches with golden sandy sand.

After waking up to the sounds of birdsong and the rising sun, you can unwind in your luxurious suite with views of the ocean, bush, or mountains. That is unbeatable! You have a delicious homemade breakfast with fresh fruit, eggs, bacon, pancakes, or muesli. Inform your hosts about the dinner last night. The lamb rack (locally raised) is topped with a crème brule and paired with a Pinot Noir from the region.

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You take your time getting to your next vacation destination. After a few photos and short walks, you talk with your hosts about their culture.

Maori tradition

You will be treated as a guest and will be introduced to Maori traditions through immersion in the local culture.

Private guided tours ensure that you get to know New Zealand rather than just see it (only you and your travel friends).

Environmentally friendly

I want to improve and promote the sustainability of tourism in New Zealand. A Department of Conservation licence demonstrates your dedication to environmentally friendly travel.

New Zealand Tours with Private Guide

One of our guided tours of New Zealand will take you to the best parts of the country. Your private tour guide will customise your vacation. They will also make certain that you see all of the highlights at your leisure.

You have the option of choosing the length of your tour or requesting a different length. You can personalise your guided tour by requesting changes or additions.

We provide both all-inclusive packages and guided tours of New Zealand. We specialise in custom-designed guided tours for families, couples, small and large groups.

Outstanding personal tour guides

By the end of your vacation, your private guide will have become a friend. Our guides have a wealth of knowledge about New Zealand and can provide insights into the hidden gems and highlights that distinguish the country.

A knowledgeable New Zealand tour guide will meet you at the airport of your choice. They will also handle all aspects of driving during your vacation.

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Your guide will not only show you the sights, but will also tell you stories about Maori and European history in New Zealand. You will learn about the powerful natural forces that shaped the landscape. These are just a few of the numerous reasons for the popularity of our guided tours.

Your guide will provide you with insider information on the best viewpoints, scenic walkways, quirky shops, and local watering holes.

Guided tours are popular because they allow you to see New Zealand through the eyes of a local.

Your guide will customise your New Zealand guided tour to meet your specific requirements. Whether you’re travelling with children or adults, your guide will provide entertainment to keep everyone entertained. Please let us know if you are interested in history, culture, geology, wineries, wildlife, or photography. Please let us know. Your guide will tailor your vacation to include knowledge and experience in your chosen field.

Itineraries that are completely personalised and one-of-a-kind

Although we provide a variety of examples to get you started, our experience has taught us that no two guided tours are alike.

All-inclusive New Zealand vacations are designed to exceed your expectations. We will collaborate closely with you to ensure that your New Zealand guided tour itinerary meets your expectations. We don’t overlook even the smallest details!

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If you want something truly unique, we are happy to collaborate with you to create it. Please contact us to discuss your ideas. We will then begin planning your once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Our team in New Zealand has travelled extensively throughout the country. We are here to help you at every step of the booking and planning process. We also have in-depth knowledge of New Zealand and can use that knowledge to tailor each itinerary.

We are New Zealand’s leading Guided Tour Operator, providing vacations to international visitors who want to see the entire country. Luxury Guided Tours and Lord of the Rings Tours are also available.

New Zealand is unique in that it has almost every type of landscape. Our activities highlight each distinct area. We can also tailor your activity selections.

If you’re looking for adventure, we can provide all levels of adrenaline, from skydiving to jet-boating.

If you are interested in these sports, you can find a wide range of activities for active people. Mountain biking, hiking, rafting, and canyoning are just a few of the activities on offer in New Zealand.

If wildlife is your passion, you will not want to miss out on seeing the incredible native animals found only in this part of the world. All of these amazing animals, including kiwis and dolphins, as well as whales, seals, and wekas, can be seen in the wild.

Excellent facilities

Guides have relationships with the best accommodation providers in New Zealand, so you can be confident that you will be comfortable and well-cared for during your stay. The best hotels, motels, and apartment buildings are in prime locations. They are frequently within walking distance of major cities and have breathtaking views.

You can select your preferred level of accommodation, ranging from a standard 4-star hotel to a luxurious 5-star property. Luxury lodges can also be included in your itinerary.

Australian and New Zealand cuisine

Australia and New Zealand have a rich cultural history, which has resulted in a wide range of delectable food options for visitors. Australia is famous for its wide range of sweet treats and biscuits. These are all portable and were created by soldiers and workers.

Try lamb, kangaroo, and emu, which are all available in burgers, steaks, and pizza. Meat pies are another popular way to consume animal products. Given the large oceans surrounding Australia, it is not surprising that seafood such as Balmanian Bugs, Barramundi, and John Dory can be found in most restaurants. For more adventurous travellers, witcherry grubs served raw are a great source of protein.

The gastronomic scene in New Zealand is heavily based on seafood and other protein. On special occasions, hangi, which is cooked in an underground oven to steam and cook meats and vegetables, can be served. This dish may be arranged by tour guides. Travelers can also enjoy soft-shelled Tuatua and greenlipped mussels, as well as various types of lamb and sausages.

While mince pies are popular (similar to Australia), visitors can also enjoy steaming kumara potatoes, which can be peeled and brought with them. Australia also claims Pavlova, a light, fruity dessert. It tastes great no matter where it is made.

Outdoor Adventures in Australia and New Zealand

Despite the fact that Australia is larger than New Zealand, many domestic flights operate daily between the two countries’ major cities. Travellers can easily fly between these countries because it is very common and can be done even on a day off. The coasts of both countries are accessible by foot or car.

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When hiking, you should always wear sunscreen, active wear, and sturdy hiking boots. You can either drive along the National Highway A87 or fly to Australia’s Outback (or fly to Alice Springs or Uluru airports). Because of the Outback’s remoteness and sheer size, it is best to take a guided tour to see the best routes to get there.

Wildlife in Australia and New Zealand

Kangaroos, emus, and koala bears are the most commonly associated with Australian wildlife. Kangaroos are found in more than 55 different species in Australia alone. Not to mention the 144 marsupial cousins discovered across the country. In international zoos, visitors can also see endangered quolls and dingoes.

The platypus and wombat are two of the most enigmatic creatures. Visitors can see up to 55 different species in the air, and Phillips Island is home to the famous flying foxes and “little penguins.” Australia is home to 21 of the world’s most dangerous snakes. Six of the seven species are also available for viewing by those who wish to do so.

These animals can be seen on guided tours in Victoria, Phillip Island, Kangaroo Island, and the Otways. These areas have the highest concentrations of Australia’s incredible biodiversity. Depending on which guided tour they take, they can get there on foot or by car.

Given how New Zealanders refer to themselves as “Kiwis,” it stands to reason that the bird named after them is native to New Zealand. They live for 25 to 50 years and are well protected on the island. This allows you to visit them while on your tour. New Zealand Sea Lions and the rare yellow-eyed or little blue penguins can be found along the coasts.

Their cousin, the kereru, is found among the Otago skink and tuatua reptiles, which are unique to New Zealand. Offshore, visitors will see Maui dolphins, large Maui koura (crayfish), and the endangered weta. At night, visitors can see hundreds of short-tailed bats in their nests.

Itineraries that reflect traveller’s personalities

You are cordially invited to explore this extraordinary natural environment through underwater excursions, wild hikes, and air excursions. From these, you can see the breathtaking scenery in all of its glory and diversity. Do you feel more at ease swimming, walking, or flying?

You can hike your way through New Zealand at your own pace.

Hiking is an excellent way to learn about the history and landscapes of the area. Local guides are familiar with the area and will make you feel welcome and comfortable.

The itinerary can be customised to your level of experience and ability, allowing you to explore New Zealand at your own pace. Hiking with a guide can be a great way to make meaningful connections and learn about the land.

With the exception of sheep, New Zealand’s most famous animals are only accessible to those who take a deliberate and thoughtful approach. If you want to see the wilderness up close, Ahipara can help you plan your itinerary to include these rare encounters.

New Zealand’s current bird population is extraordinary. There are numerous endemic species, including the Kiwi, Kaka, and Kea. Some rarer dolphin species can also be found in New Zealand. Hector’s dolphins, dark dolphins, and endangered Maui dolphins are among them. Blue whales, killer whales, sperm whales, and humpback whales pass through New Zealand on their way to warmer waters. You can also be taken to these majestic creatures’ feeding grounds. Do you want to join the furry team in the pool? Please notify us, and we will make it happen.